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Feb 05, 2014 by Carlo Faragalli

Clean Sheets was amazing! Miho's transparency is what drives the whole thing. She was honest with her struggles down to the word. She mixed emotion along with humor. Its amazing how God works in a life and walks with someone through their mess. I would see this show over and over again. Great work!


Oct 19, 2013 by Kristyn Komarnicki

Miho tells her story with humor, honesty, and authenticity. She is a master mimic, a creative spirit, and a joy to watch. The production is homespun but not tacky, revealing but dignified, and gritty but redemptive. It is at turns chilling, hilarious, and profound. I highly recommend it!


Oct 07, 2013 by Chellerina

Miho's CleanSheets was a captivating performance! I enjoyed every moment of her life story and how she expressed each character she encountered. Her story telling and ability to go in and out of each character was Broadway quality. This is a must see!


May 14, 2013 by Greg Metzler, Executive Director Oasis Biblical Counseling Center, Inc.

Miho’s artfully written and talented performance of Clean Sheets is only surpassed by the courage of her willingness to share her journey of faith and redemption. My prayer is that everyone who is experiencing shame of any sort will see Clean Sheets and experience the mystery of God’s love and grace.

Clean Sheets

May 13, 2013 by Gail Schmitt

What an amazing show and an amazing journey, taking us along for a glimpse of your spiritual path to the Lord. I was touched in so many ways that 24 hours later I was back again with my daughter because I needed her to see what I saw and feel what I felt and she did! Miho your voice is beautiful and your ability to share your story is truly inspiring. I will be anxiously waiting information about your next show so I can bring more of my family and friends so they too can feel the power of God's amazing grace through you! Thank you!

Powerful and honest

May 12, 2013 by Marlene Boyd

What an inspiring and thought -provoking work of art. So real, so human, I truly enjoyed it and was inspired. Please keep sharing it. It is a gift to us all.


Apr 23, 2013 by Christy Graham Willard

Clean Sheets is a powerful picture of redemption. A beautiful journey that takes the audience through the darkness and into the light. It is honest, heartbreaking, funny, and inspiring. Saw it last night at Cairn University with friends and appreciate the story that's being told. —Christy Willard, Rise and Shine Movement

Clean Sheets - A Celebration of the Spirit , USA 4.9 5.0 17 17 I cannot recommend Clean Sheets more highly! I was expecting a great and moving performance, but what I experienced blew every expectation of mine out of the water! As a pastor, ha

Review posted by: Linda Pfeile

The performance at Marcus Hook was inspiring, incredible and just plain awesome! I’m spreading the word to my co-workers and friends: Go see this performance!


Review posted by: Evelyn Williams

What an extraordinary performance. I took my daughter and we both enjoyed it. May God continue to use you both to enrich his kingdom.


Review posted by: Evelyn Williams

I took my daughter & we both enjoyed it. I plan on taking my husband as soon as it comes to the Collingdale area. What a remarkable story. May God continue to use you both.
 “Life changing”


Review posted by: Jill Seaton

Attended last night’s performance of Clean Sheets at the Marcus Hook Baptist Church in Linwood, PA and wasn’t really sure what to expect. This one woman dramatization was an inspiring, insightful, and empowering account of Miho’s life story. It was a recounting of the adversity and the twists and turns that her life took on her road to discovery, redemption, salvation and the grace of God. Miho gives her audience a peek through the lens of her life as only one who had experienced it firsthand could. For certain this will not be the last time that I attend a performance of this dramatization and would highly recommend that anyone that gets the opportunity would attend a performance as well. It is truly life changing. May God’s continued blessing be upon Miho, Dave and their family as they continue to glorify God through the retelling of this inspirational story. With warm regards, Jill Seaton
 “Simply Awesome”


Review posted by: Meya Hall

What a way to share her testimony. What a journey she has been through and what a MIGHTY GOD we serve. Miho’s skills on that stage was an experience I will never forget. A testimony I will never forget. Simply Awesome!!


Review posted by:

 “A must see”


Review posted by: Bob Carotenuto

Absolutely brilliant, what a performance by Miho Kahn. A must see, truly inspirational. So much more than I expected.WOW, what a story.
 “I am thankful to have had the oportunity to be in the audience . Please come. Tell others”


Review posted by: Fred Schied

Enjoyed this utilization of talents. All who participated in this presentation are to be commended. Reaching others with this Gospel (good news), in a unique way. Thanks to all. Miho has an amazing range of vocals. She is very courageous to tell this story. I know it is through hard work and God’s grace that this presentation is going out to all who are chosen to hear it.
 “A great way to introduce non-Christians to Christ.”


Review posted by: Marie

I wish I could bring everybody I know to see “Clean Sheets”. Thank you for sharing your story in such a powerful and honest way. I look forward to attending another of your f performances with a few of my unchurched family and friends…what a way to present the Gospel to them!!
 ” Creative way to share testimony”


Review posted by: Jenn

What an extremely creative way to share your testimony. Very Real!! I laughed, I cried and I could relate. I am in a women’s recovery ministry and look forward to bringing others to see show’s in the future.
 “Wow, God is so faithful!”


Review posted by: Beth

Wow, what an amazing gift Clean Sheets was. I laughed, I cried and a came away with renewed hope. God can and will work in all things. He will take our darkest, yuckiest moments and use it for His glory. Thank you Jesus for Miho’s beautiful testimony.


Review posted by: lisa d.

miho is an amazing storyteller.. I am so inspired by mihos life story and how she was saved by god and her wonderful husband..
 “Raw and powerful”


Review posted by: Carla Grabianowski

Your story was powerfully performed. It is a testimony to God’s love, power, and leading. And it is a reminder that God wants to continue changing our hearts and lives. May God be glorified!


Review posted by: Amber Icenhour

This was a powerful testimony. I was moved by the fact that so many people attended this show. I was amazed at how many obstacles this young person faced.
 “Riveting and powerful”


Review posted by: JM

I just saw this show last night. I did not know what to expect, but this was a superbly beautiful and moving performance. The story was graphic and creepy at times, but it made the message of redemption even more powerful. It made me think back to times in my own life that could have gone a different way, and forever grateful for what God saved me from. Thank God she survived to tell her story!
 “Praise Jesus!!! (He wins again!)”


Review posted by: Andrew

Evil is defeated! Miho’s story is beautiful! Thank you so much for being obediant in sharing it and encouraging all of us! I will never forget it. As parents, you must watch this and bring your teenagers (or older). The parallels to today and abuse are direct. The good news though is that our ‘fight is fixed’ in Jesus and we win (if we accept his gift) because he already won. PTL!!!
 “Humbled by His grace”


Review posted by: Janice

Just want to express my appreciation for the show – it was indeed very powerful. I had the privilege of being accompanied by four fine young women and we were all touched. May God continue to use you both to tell His wonderful story of redemption.


Review posted by:

 ” Agape”


Review posted by: Susan McGrath

Glory to God, this is a testimony of a true intervention of God’s love. Miho, to see how our Lord and Savior is working through you in a profound and powerful way is a true blessing. This testimony is going to accomplish exactly what our Lord has set out to do in the lives of unbelievers. Miho this is exactly where our God has placed you, you are amazing and are going to reach the lost. The intestional fortude you have is so strong and uplifing for the truth of God . My heart sees and feels how God is going to open so many doors for you and your family. Our God is so big, he knows the plans he has for you. Thank you, this was a stunning performance and testimony. You , David and your beautiful children are in my prayers. In Christian Love, Susan McGrath
 “Mind Opening”


Review posted by: Rachael

I just wanted to let you know that I attended your show tonight at Cheltenham, your story has given me the courage to more on from my past relationships, my past experiences and my past mistakes and just trust in God to take me where I need to go in life, you are one of the strongest people I have ever met and you have completely inspired me to get back to reading the word, thank you for your strength and your desire to help others through your journey. I will be telling everyone I know about you, and I will be praying for your success!


Review posted by:

 “”Somebody” has been on your side!”


Review posted by: Patty

Miho, with all that life has dealt you, to come out of it being who you are now, is truly amazing! Last night was a fantastic performance. David’s beautiful piano playing added an awesome touch. I am glad that you found each other. Here’s wishing you the best that life has to offer!
 “Mind blowing, yet so encouraging and positive”


Review posted by: Lija

I’m not even sure where to begin in describing my experience watching the show. It was emotional and gut-wrenching, but incredible and so encouraging. There was much that I personally could relate to, whether it was experiences with friends, or my own emotions and experiences. But the main things I took away from the show were hope – with God anything is possible, for every person in every situation, and a reminder to trust – that God sees His bigger plan that we can’t even begin to understand or even imagine. Miho’s story is so inspiring and truly a gift from God for those willing to hear it.
 “Simply AWESOME!”


Review posted by: Michelle

Incredibly transparent, heart-wrenching, emotional journey. I laughed and cried through Miho’s story and am still thinking about it! All I can say is thank you.
 “too much to describe – just thanks”


Review posted by: cmm

i saw the show last night with 5 female friends. i have chills as i type this. thank you for sharing your story so openly and creatively. you should be 100 years old for all you have expereinced since you were born. to look at you one would have no idea that you have lived through so much. you are lovely, both outside and inside and outward to all of those who get to experience waht you are willing to give. i want to see the show again, i want people i love to see the show. i want people i don’t know to see the show. wow. talk about a happy beginning to a terrible ending. please keep living your light with others. if i knew that prayer didn’t bring me so much pain, i would pray for you. i defnitely (will) think of you and wish you and your family goodness. thank you.
 “Fabulous . . . Miho!!!”


Review posted by: Donna Bechtel

I saw Clean Sheets in its infancy, as it was being written, practiced, and developed at Camp of the Woods. It is now so polished, I can’t wait to see it again. Let us know when you bring it to Florida. We really want to see it again.
 “We Loved it!!!!”


Review posted by: Christina Cipriano

My friends and I loved it! Miho’s combination of humor and drama was incredibly effective. A wild ride of danger, emotional ups and downs that brings you to a surprise ending.


Review posted by: Jo Ann

Although the story brings tears to your eyes, it also brought a great sense of joy and praise!
 “Brilliant, Edgy and Powerful!!!”


Review posted by: Dennis Kowal, Architect, Somerville NJ

An edgy one-woman show that takes you on a 3,000 mile journey of betrayal, violence, and emotional nakedness; only to end right back at the beginning. Very transparent. The name and props were brilliantly and simply used to maximum impact, just as you would expect from an artist. If you think Christianity is for the weak and whimps, don’t watch this show.


Review posted by: Kim Morton, Esquire


“Clean Sheets was unbelievable. I expected it to be good…I just never expected what I saw! AMAZING!  If you get the opportunity to see it — DON’T miss it! Bring a friend (and especially bring your kids — high school age and older).  It is a true blessing!

 “The road to Redemption, Restoration and Reconciliation in capsulized form”


Review posted by: Rev. Marlon J. Jones from Phila, PA.


I enjoyed Clean Sheets immensely. I can’t even begin to articulate how potent and impactful this play was to me personally. Several young people that accompanied me from the church enjoyed it as well, and they indicated how the play spoke to them on many different levels in their lives. I’m so grateful that you decided to share this powerful testimony with us all. It is my prayer that the Lord grants you favor and open doors for the world to have this same privilege that we had by experiencing your testimony in dramatic form. If you haven’t seen this play yet, you don’t want to miss it next time….ruin has a date with redemption. May God Continue to Bless You and Yours

 “An Outstanding presentation”


Review posted by: Christian Psychologist

“Clean Sheets is an outstanding way to communicate the gospel to people who might not darken the door of a church service.”
 “”Miho Kahn delivered a stellar performance at Delaware County Christian School””


Review posted by: Debbie from Phoenixville, PA

It is truely amazing how God can grow and transform people’s lives. Miho Kahn is a testament to that fact. She delivered a stellar performance at Delaware County Christian School. Her movements, singing, and storytelling of her life evoked colorful images of brokenness, restoration, beauty, and faith. Her act took the audience to a wide variety of emotions and poignant reflections. Miho’s husband, Dave played the piano masterfully. The music added a sentimental depth to the show. What distinguishes Clean Sheets from other theatrical pieces is the discussions and dialogue that were generated during the Q & A time. Clean Sheets challenged me to think about life’s struggles and God’s mercy and faithfulness. I strongly recommend Clean Sheets!
 “Fantastic Performance! Fantastic Show!! A Must See!!!!”


Review posted by: Dave

 “Great on So Many Levels”


Review posted by: todd

I saw the show at the Fringe Festival. Extremely well done. The attention to detail in the staging of this performance stood out. While the story was quite powerful, how it was communicated to the audience was even moreso. A very enriching experience
 “Brilliantly Performed!”


Review posted by: Dick Taylor

Inspiring…true…a testimony of Transformation! Dont miss this one-woman production.
 “Beautifully Moving!”


Review posted by: Robin from the West Chester, PA, Sep 10, 2009

This was my first Philly Fringe event, and I was moved beyond words. Miho Kahn is an incredible artist, bringing together many art disciplines, flowing seamlessly from one to the next, and with such a transparency that only brings her audience closer. Her powerfully melodic singing voice, her intimate connection with all who watched, and her husband’s talented piano accompaniment, all added depth to this moving autobiography.


Review posted by: John from the Main Line, Sep 10, 2009

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was only warned that the content was “graphic.” I was blown away by the powerful, true, autobiographical story of a young girl searching for meaning in life. The story is by turns heart-wrenching and heart-warming. Miho’s superb acting really makes the story come to life.
 “Miho is Amazing!”


Review posted by: Donna from Philadelphia, PA, Sep 11, 2009

Miho Kahn is incredible as she plays a very young woman out on her own (it is about herself in her teens) caught in a difficult cycle of drugs, violence, and a type of “worldly” innocence that comes with her situation. Even a night on a bed with “clean sheets” seems wonderful to her at a time when she is sometimes living on the street. She struggles to make sense of it all, and mixes incredible storytelling with acting and song to bring us deeply into the world in which she lived – and eventually how she find her way back through her faith – and a talent you will see demonstrated in the performance. This is a “don’t miss” – frightening and edgy but uplifting. It gives hope to us all. An amazing show! Miho is so talented.
 “A profound performance!”


Review posted by: Suzanne from West Chester, PA, Sep 11, 2009

Clean Sheets is a performance you won’t forget. It is a shocking expression of the effect of addiction, abuse and the amazing healing of God. Miho’s talent is vast as she walks the audience thru her search for God. Her voice is beautiful and carries you away into the time and place that was her life! You’ll be moved!
 “This (un)Caged Bird Can Sing!”


Review posted by: Carol from Wayne, PA, Sep 11, 2009

Seamlessly, Miho moves from character to character in her one woman show interspersing movement, song, action, drama and monologue with nary a prop. Except a sheet. What she doesn’t have with her on stage, she more than compensates for with her larger-than-life autobiographical depictions. I was on the edge of my seat anticipating, yet underestimating, the power of the climactic ending. Redemption at The Arts Garage. Don’t miss it!
 “Reality show drama”


Review posted by: docmurdoch from West Chester, PA, Sep 11, 2009

Saw Clean Sheets opening night. The venue was very cool as was the show. Law and Order SVU free spirit teen with follow up. I recommend as a fun night for anyone as well as more mature teens. Enjoyed Q&A after performance as well.
 “Great talent, thought-provoking and inspiring”


Review posted by: Dave Swavely from Malvern, PA, Sep 11, 2009

Miho is an A-level talent and this is a great artistic bio. Spiritual, but not preachy, for anyone who appreciates life stories and the arts (she is accomplished at all of them!). I loved the “plot twist” at the end…truth is stranger than fiction! Good date or night out for anyone who wants to be entertained but also wants to think about life issues